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Practical Driving School Terms and Conditions

1. We Practical Driving School (“The School”), will agree to provide you (“The Student”) with a step-by-step training course tailored to your abilities.

2. The tutor will be a fully qualified ADI on the Driving Standards Agency's (DSA) register of Approved Driving Instructor's.

3. The tutor will adhere to the DSA's Code of Conduct. This means, that they will behave in a totally professional manner at all times.

4. The training car supplied will be kept in a roadworthy, safe and legal condition.

5. If the training period is cancelled at short notice by the school, the student will be given a 50% reduction on the value of one lesson period as compensation, if another appointment cannot be made that week.

6. The school will reserve the right to terminate a training period or course if it suspects that the student is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

7. The school will terminate the course if the student continuously cancels appointments. Any monies outstanding will be charged for at the current rate.

8. The school reserve the right to withdraw the training vehicle for a practical driving test, if in the opinion of the school, the student is driving in a manner to be a danger to themselves or other road users.

9. Practical Tests booked by the student must be booked for a time agreed to by the school; otherwise the school reserves the right to refuse use of the training vehicle.

10. Any monies that have been paid in advance will be refunded if the student decides to cancel further training. Lessons already taken will be charged at the standard rate.

11. Special Offers may be made available from time to time and details will be posted on the Practical Driving School website. Special Offers subject to a minimum of 10 driving lessons with the school or at the discretion of the instructor when making the initial booking. Prices revert to standard following offer lessons.

12. All students must be in possession of a current provisional, full or other UK driving licence entitling them to drive the training vehicle. By signing our Terms and Conditions below, the student confirms that there are no physical or other disabilities or impediment affecting his or her ability to drive and that no medication or other treatment is prescribed or being taken which may impair or otherwise affect their ability to drive or that such information has been disclosed to the instructor and to the DVLA. The instructor may require further information to ensure that training may take place.

If the student cancels an appointment for any reason, 48 hour's notice must be given, failure to adhere to this will result in the student being charged the full amount for the lesson that was booked.

Other information
The student must contact the school as soon as possible, if there are any changes to the pick-up point.



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